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Friday, December 9, 2016

Kaikoura Earthquake cattle kept on dark side of the moon

Aug 10 2014, two centuries after the Age of piano sonatas.
On the other hand the supermoon was only two years away and at a seemingly relative small distance from again reaching its gravitational peak.
Yet, same as everything else in the Universe, all distances were PRECISELY set, and that makes ALL the difference.
13th November New Zealand: Kaikoura uplift by the supermoon light
Kaikoura earthquake, the day of the supermoon: UNPRECEDENTED observation: coast rises 6 meters in a second.
As expected from the final Laws, which also state this: nearly everyone in the audience will not become aware of it.
1 month later
Illuminati media: worldwide NOT even ONE article mentions BOTH Keywords
- the uplift (up to six meters, previous observed record was a few centimeters) 
- the supermoon (last time this size: together with  the 8.2 quake at Panay, Philippines on 25th Jan 1948).
How to rapidly confirm it
Using what defines the Age where the final book was written so that the recorded books can be opened: End Times Computers. 
Check mass media's articles that Google finds as mentioning both key words (supermoon and uplift/"sea bed lifted"/"lifted sea bed").
Some of the few results include both keywords only because of reader's comments, in others one of them doesn't appear at all (possibly because some comment was deleted).
Resume of the list
Only TV "news" channels: CNN and Fox.
Only three articles from New Zealand's mass media, all from Stuff: November 15 and 23; Dec 4. 
Otherwise only these outlets: Sun, Daily Mail: each two articles; The Guardian, Internation Business Times and Forbes: each one article.
Uplift in headlines:
Sun, 17 Nov; CNN, 18 Nov; Stuff Nov 23; Forbes 29 Nov. 
Scale of Uplift
Only the Stuff article mentions 6 meters, the others only two meters.
Supermoon in headlines: 
Sun, Daily Mail: 14 Nov; Stuff: 23 Nov.
All articles deny the link and conceal the 8.2 quake the last time the moon was this close, 68 years ago.
UNPRECEDENTED observations
Concealed by all articles except for the Sun article from 17th Nov (implicilty also the Stuff article that it mentions).
Some articles go as far as to suggest the opposite.
Example from Fox "news": "similar coastal lifts have been observed in the past, including in earthquakes that hit New Zealand in 1855 and 1931".
Supermoon August 10, 2014 - Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

Nov 21, 2016 - Papatea Fault and Raised Coast
Impacts of the Kaikoura Earthquake on the south end of Waipapa Bay, New Zealand, GNS Science

Nov 21, 2016 - Crazy drone video of one of the ruptures

The road to Kaikoura after the earthquake

Dec 4, 2016 - Italy, New Zealand: prime-ministers resign in shock within hours: Renzi / Key for dummies
Parallel scripts: contrast FROM THE START with REPACKAGED: Renzi/Hofer v Renzi/Key
Why do Illuminati deny the influence of the supermoon?
For the same reason that no astronomy or statistics course will suggest to students calculating the probablilities for this:
Black is white: Mountains built within minutes take thousands of years to crumble IS mountains continuously rising for millions of years

Illuminati: X NOT LIGHT is THEIR religion's KEYWORD
After reading this you'll finally know your Ages, which "coincidentally" share the X word:
- Historiographically, the REAL name of your Age
- Cosmologically, the official name of your Age, which incredibly you most certainly are not aware of.

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